Bulk update with MS SQL

Can you give me an example of how to use bulk update for an MSSQL database? I don't understand how to write the action query.
Thank you!

I think I have figured out my problem. I did not have “Enable Writes” selected for the SQL resource.

I understand now that the table needs to be linked to both a “read” resource and a separate “write” resource. Presently, I have two such resources pointing to the same Azure hosted SQL database. The read functions correctly filling in the table on the app. However, when I use a bulk update it appears to run but doesn’t actually update the table.

Here is the source of the records in the bulk update section: {{table1.recordUpdates}} For what it’s worth, the array looks like it contains the correct data (primary key, changed info, etc.). I don’t know why it isn’t updating. There shouldn’t be anything on the servers side preventing it.

Hey @pdamato: where does the read data sit? If it’s in a table, you’ll need to trigger the read query to run again after your update query (it’s update on the server side, but you need to update it on the client side). You can do that in your update query: scroll down to “After this query runs” and you should see an input for “On success, trigger these queries.”
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