Bulk update via two ids

Hi, I'm trying to do a bulk update on a table based on two ids, rather than one primary key. Is there anyway of doing this?


Our GUI mode does not support bulk update based on two ids, unfortunately. Here's a community post that might be helpful! https://community.retool.com/t/how-to-use-composite-primary-key-for-bulk-updates/2406/10

A workaround a past user did was write a query to update each row, then use a map to return an array of triggers on the recordUpdates object utilizing JS promises. Not sure if something like that could work for your use case?

Also, here is a feature request for composite keys, if you'd like to add your +1.

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As noted in other discussion threads, the workaround of writing a query to update each row has its own limitations since it is quite resource/time inefficient if you are making multiple updates. Would be great to see this feature properly supported soon.