Building a kubernetes dashboard

I'm trying to build a Kubernetes dashboard for our ops team and it would be great to do it using Retool.

Disclaimer: I am not a retool employee, nor do I play one on TV. YMMV

I’m assuming by dashboard, you are looking for a monitoring solution.

The simplest way to do this currently is with an embedded iframe and using the Kubernetes dashboard

The Kubernetics Dashboard is not installed by default in a Kubernetics cluster. It needs metrics server running on the cluster. (Yes, I know metrics server isn’t supposed to be used for monitoring, but it uses it. Ignore the man behind the curtain. :slight_smile: ) See for the project and for install instructions. It needs access credentials setup to allow access. See for how to configure and usage.

If you want to go beyond this, you probably need use a Prometheus based solution. See

What are you looking for on your dashboard?

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