Bug or Error on my part?

I have a workflow that I am trying to run. I can click the play button on each individual step in the Workflow GUI and it successfully runs. However, when I deploy it so it runs scheduled on its own or click the run button to run all the steps, I get the error - Error evaluating query5: ReferenceError: XMLParser is not defined

I am including the XMLParser in the libraries.

Here is query5 running successfully:

Error when run:

Can you provide any other screenshots of the other queries that are running? For example, what does cauliflower look like?

the only difference I see is the const fxparser2
But, is the broccoli.data malformed? broccoli.data (spelling broccoli correct (can't see from screenshot.)
Perhaps query5 is running before broccoli data GET is complete?

Hey @darenhunter!

Workflows don't currently have access to preloaded JS libraries but it is something actively being worked on! We can let you know here when they are supported :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hey there! Just want to circle back here to mention that Workflows now supports the xmlparser library!

Woo hoo! Thank you!!