Bug on Embed Apps: Transformer scripts do receive nor send any data

I'm trying to build a form with Retool which will be embedded in a React Application. In my use case, I need to transform the data I pass in the prop data, so I set a transformer script. The transformer script works as expected when testing it inside Retool, but when testing it within the React Application, something weird happens.

I wrote some console logs on the script. By doing this I could see 2 different bugs:

  1. The data variable, which should be the input, there is, the prop value, is undefined
  2. If I just ignore the data and return a fixed string, the success event handler ignores its value and proceeds with the raw value (even if the query.data is used, not query.rawData)

Obs: The success event handler works as expected when there is no transform, it just ignores the transformer script.

Hey @ftoyoshima_tractian! Would you mind sharing screenshots or snippets of your code? Also, for context, have you tried using a separate JavaScript query that runs on success of the query to transform your data (triggering any success handlers from the JS query instead of the original query)?