[BUG] Module's inputs do not work when inside a form

I have a module that contains a text input. The value of the text input is set one of the module's input. This all works ok, until the module is put inside a form. In that case the text input no longer displays the value.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a module with a single text input in it
  2. Add a module data input: input1
  3. Set the text input's value to: {{input1.value}}
  4. Create a new app
  5. Add a form inside it
  6. Add the module from step 1 to this form
  7. Set the module's input1 to "test"
  8. Refresh the app
  9. The module's text input no longer displays the passed input value

The problem is not just with the textInput's value. If you set any of its properties to reference the module's input1.value, the module no longer works correctly.

For example:

  • set the textInput's Disabled property to {{input1.value === 'test'}}
  • go back to the app and set the module's input1 to test
  • refresh the app
  • The text input won't be disabled

Hey @vangelov!

This seems as though it could potentially be related to a known issue our engineers are investigating. Can you try the workaround mentioned here and let us know if that works?

Yes, the workaround works in my case too. Thank you!