Bug module: module stop working when we rename it

To reproduce :

1- Create a module
2- Insert it in one app
3- rename the module instance
4- The module stop functioning

Record of the bug

The module I'm inserting in my app:
Select country.json (70.2 KB)


+1 for this; also experiencing this issue running Retool on Chrome

Hi all! Thanks so much for reporting this bug. I've informed our team internally & I'll reach out when we're able to ship a fix.

Unfortunately, I haven't found a way to restore the module in the meantime. It seems like you have to drag & drop the module again to use the inputs properly


@Tess this is happening to me, too. It's odd, because I have repeatedly renamed modules within apps in the past, and never had this problem. Those previously-renamed modules (from at least a few weeks ago) seem to be working fine. But, I am seeing this problem with new implementations of modules that I started on today.

A workaround for @aaa and @SonyaK if you have not figured this out already – if you revert the name of the module to what its default name was when you added it, it will fix itself! If you customize the name again, it will break. Revert the name to default, works again.

In the attached GIF you can see me completely break the module by renaming it (changing the "1" to "DS". Then I restore it by reverting the name back the default.

Screen Recording 2023-07-30 at 3.16.06 PM

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Thank you @Schteevynn I flagged this info to our internal team as well!

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