Bug: Form data inside parent form with multiple child containers

I checked out this prior post from 2020 but it doesn't seem to be fixed anymore?

In this situation, I have the following components mapped out:

  • Modal
    • Form
      • Input1
      • Input2
        • Container1
          • Input3
          • Input4
        • Container2
          • Input5
          • Input6

When I check out the state of my Form.data, it shows:

data {} 4 keys - with Inputs 1 through 4, and nothing else.

So for a form submission, I have to manually grab each input in the form outside of that.

Discovered my issue.

I had duplicated the TextInput components, and changed the relevant values - EXCEPT for Form data key - so the second form all shared the same form key.

NO ERROR IS THROWN by this behavior, other than just… no state being populated. Once these values were changed to be unique - they showed up both in state and also in the form.data object!