[Bug] Dropdown not loading a value matching one of the options

When a dropdown (select) loads a “Default Value to Display” that matches one of the options, it doesn’t cause that value to be automatically selected. Should this be the expected behaviour?

It does for me. Not sure if that’s your problem, but you may need to check that you’re setting the value not the label of the item you wish to default to? Can you give an example that does not seem to work?

Blast, looks like a n00b mistake - I was missing a [0] to flatten the result, and when migrating it from a TextInput it was doing the [0] flatten automatically (but the dropdown is not so nice). I think this can be closed. ( @pmetzdorf - yes, I was using value rather than label.)

(As a side note, I wonder if Text Inputs should be strict and force the input value to be an actual string (eg. 'somevalue') rather than something that can be implicitly coerced into the correct type (eg. ['somevalue']) :slight_smile: