[Bug]Component in gridView don't update when change pages

Say I have a girdView with pagination bar.(all my excluding in database in false(unchceked).
Let click the checkbox in this page


Let change to different pages(next page), and in the same place the checkbox is checked.
And then click the next page, and in the same place the checkbox is checked.

This Not also happen to checkbox component but also multiselect component. maybe others, I guest.

It seem that the component is not rendered.

Here is default value of checkbox

Any update?

Hey @AnsonHwang! Thank you for such clear repro steps—I was able to repro the exact issue and will keep you updated on a fix. Are you blocked? If so, happy to try to rush the fix and also potentially find a workaround for you in the meantime!

Just heard back from the engineering team!

Users need to set a primary key on their List Views — we don't know that the data changes unless there's a primary key set. They should also store their changed values in an external state so returning to the page restores the intended values.

Do you know if either of these would help your use case?

Hello, @victoria. Thanks for reply. Yes, I have set primary key.

Yes, I have added a query to the change event of checkbox to persist it in the database. I did examine the data and make sure the data is correct save in database.

not help, the bug still exisits.

Blocked? Maybe not yet :grin:

Thank you for clarifying :pray: Will sync with the engineering team again and get back to you!

Still waiting to hear back :slight_smile:

I am facing a similar issue https://community.retool.com/t/listview-doesnt-rerender-or-refresh-input-fields-with-fresh-data/33954?u=shyambh

Bumped the ticket internally with your added context—thank you! Will keep this thread updated once we have a solution.

This should be fixed; please let us know if you're still seeing anything unexpected here