Breaking one app (with tabs) into multiple separate apps


I have built an app with a tabbed container. My app has become super slow with lots of update queries running to keep things up-to-date on all tabs. I decided to break the app into multiple ones and use navigation to connect them. I was hoping to clone the app multiple times, keep one tab and delete the rest to create the apps. As soon as I delete a major chunk of elements, retool crashes.
Can somebody suggest a good way to make the apps without having to build the apps from scratch?

Welcome Ravleen! I've ran into a similar problem before. Rather than break up my apps (which presents challenges of its own), my solution was to trigger queries with an event handler on the tabbed container, so that only the queries which update data in the current tab run:

Screenshot 2023-04-01 at 11.42.29

If you have queries that require some other trigger, or they need to run periodically, you could dynamically disable these with something like {{tabbedContainer1.currentViewIndex !== 0}} so that query will only run when the first tab is in view.

On the basis that you still want to break up your app into multiple smaller apps, you could create a new app and copy+paste in frame the components you need in each app if deleting is causing Retool to crash. Performance does also vary by device and browser, so it might be worth trying a different one to see if you're able to delete OK then.

I hope this helps!