Boolean filters don't work for Cloud Datastore?

I have a query with Google Cloud Datastore as the data source. I want to add a single filter based on a boolean value:

However it returns no results when setting true or false (or Javascript notation e.g. {{true}}). Filtering on string fields works as expected.

Here is the same query run in Cloud Datastore - it returns results:

It seems like boolean filters don't work for Cloud Datastore, meaning I need to either use a Transformer to do the filtering (query is then very slow) or I need to create a new string field to filter on, neither of which are nice options.

Has anyone else got boolean filters working for Cloud Datastore queries?

have you tried putting the original "true" in the where statement in brackets? {{true}}

Thanks Steven. Yes I've tried that but it also returns no results.

Hi there @mattnz ! Thanks for reporting this.

I can repro and this indeed looks like a bug on our end with the Datastore connector. I'm submitting a bug report, and will keep you updated here!

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Hi Shawn, it's been 3 months, do you have an ETA for when this will be fixed?


Hiya @mattnz, thanks for checking back in!

I've just asked our PM who owns Datastore for an update. Though in general, I know we've de-prioritized working on the Datastore integration -- in part because Google "deprecated" Datastore in favor of Firestore (i.e "Firestore in Datastore mode")

In the meantime, I would look into switching to a Firestore database that runs in Datastore mode and try connecting to that in Retool instead.

Thanks. I am using Cloud Firestore in Datastore mode.

Are you suggesting I create a connection to Firebase in Retool? I've just tried to do that but can't get it working. It asks for a database URL in the form of but as far as I can see that doesn't exist for Firestore in Datastore mode. I tried anyway and added a private key (first from Firebase then a Datastore key) but either way I get the error The Cloud Firestore API is not available for Firestore in Datastore Mode database.

Does Retool support Firestore in Datastore mode? If so it would be great if I could get some help to set that up.

@mattnz sorry for the confusion here.

Are you suggesting I create a connection to Firebase in Retool?

Initially, yes: I thought that "Firestore in Datastore" mode would go through the Firestore API (and so our Firebase integration) -- but it turns out that's not the case. According to this doc, the Firestore API is not supported.

Does Retool support Firestore in Datastore mode?

I checked our codebase on this and yes it does, through the Cloud Datastore resource type -- which is the same set-up you have now. So unfortunately there may be no work-around for this in Retool until we can prioritize a fix.

Hi @shawntax! I stumbled upon this thread when I was trying to write a datastore query using an integer field and that doesn't seem to work either. It looks like right now, you can only compare string fields.

Do you have any updates on this? I wrote a transformer for this, for now, to get by.


Hi there @Van_XYZ ! No updates, unfortunately -- our team is not prioritizing updates to our Datastore integration at this time.

Using a transformer as you mentioned is the way to go for now.