Best practices for catching errors?

Hello! I'm trying to catch when query X fails and send it to a webhook along with some context (which query failed, and what the error was, ideally also the states of some components / transformers), so I can get notified about it. Is there a best practice way to do this, without creating a separate "error-catching" query (ECQ) for each query X I want to monitor?
I see that queries have an .error property which contains good info. And I can trigger my ECQ whenever X fails. But can ECQ know which query triggered it?
I guess I could create a transformer that aggregates all the .error properties of ALL my queries into a string, and send that with the error message. This seems painful though (would I have to manually type all my queries into this transformer and concatenate them if the .error property != null?)
Is there a better way?
Thank you!

@will — do you have any thoughts on this?

Similar question here, I have an API that is responding with a 200 even though errors exist, I want to catch this in the transformer and make the query “fail”.

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I’d also like to know

Hi @byron, @bstone, @nacho I’m curious if you’ve tried the error transformers feature and what you think. This feature can convert successful queries into failing queries based on conditions you set.

I’m gonna be re-visiting this area as it currently is not discoverable/clear and I’m very curious to hear if this works for you or if you’d like something else.

A bit late to the party, but I ended up doing this to get error monitoring working.