Best practice for document management and storage in combination with retool

Hi fellow retool experts,

I’m currently building a KYC application with Retool and am looking for some general advice / best practices on integrating document management into it.

Each of our customers has an unfortunately high amount of PDFs attached to them, which have to be renewed on a regular basis. They have to be reviewed and confirmed just once, afterward they can be archived until it’s time to request the document again. Currently, we have 2000 documents on a G-Drive that somebody manually opens, closes, and goes back to work after confirmation.

I would like to preview the documents directly in Retool and archive the older version after the review. The documents should also remain somewhat accessible to non-coding humans. Initially, I planned on using an S3 bucket, but access to past versions of a document seems tedious and overall there has been mixed feedback when it comes to S3 and the Retool pdf preview.

So asking the other way around, do you have any best practices for storing and handling documents in combination with Retool?

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I too am faced with a similar situation. I havent addressed this yet, but is next in my agenda.

I look.forward to suggestions posted here.