Bearer Token in resource

We are using Bearer Token to authorise each user.
I notice there is an option in the resource settings for "Authentication" and it has the option "Bearer token" but how to code this so it is different for each user that logs in?-
The resource seems only to have access to:

But I cant see a way to store a jwt token in this resource for each and every user who is using the app. More than 1000 users!
Each user bearer token will expire ater 12 hours (example) so the next time a user logs in to the app the server will generate a new token which must then be sent in every subsequent api call as an authorisation token...
I dont want to have to code an additional authorisation header' for every api call individually. (we have 100s).
So using the resouce bearer token setting seems ideal - if I can find a method /variable that this resource can access

am I missing something?