Batch changes for specific column values in the table

I'm trying to change a specific column value to the value entered into the textbox through Event for a table made of an external CSV file, but java script doesn't access the table components..
Tell me how

var test =; // undefined variable and naver used and also output is nothing

Hey @byungjun0689, can you share a bit more about how you have this set up? If the table is pulling it's data from a resource query, then the updates need to be made to that underlying data set in order to be reflected in the table.

Hello, @joeBumbaca thx for your comment
Yes, I have data through queries in the Onpremise DB
So, you have to update the DB to change the data displayed in the table, right?

Hey @byungjun0689, correct. You would want to save the changes from the Retool UI table, into your db. Then you can refresh the table / re-request the data from the db to have the Retool table up to date with the new changes.

hey @joeBumbaca
Oh, I misinformed you. I read the csv file through Dropfilediag and connected it to the table. What can I do in this case?

Unfortunately, there's no way to write to a CSV file that you don't have connected to a resource. IE: This could work if the CSV file was from Google Sheets and you have access via the resource to update the sheet. One thing you can do, is to make the changes in the table and then download the table data in a new CSV file using a utils method.


btw, thx for ur comments
have a good day @joeBumbaca

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