Barcode Scanner Multiple Capture

I want to capture multiple barcodes at once and/or limit the symbologies the scanner captures.

We are trying to use Retool in our incoming goods process. The parts that are sent to us have multiple barcodes on the label. Ideally, I would like to capture all of these barcodes at once, such as the multiple Code128 barcodes and the Datamatrix 2D code. The detected barcodes should be stored in an array.

If this is not possible, I would like to know if I can disable symbologies. In this case, I would only allow Datamatrix because it contains most of the information. Currently, I have to cover all the Code128 by hand in order to not accidentally scan those.

Hi @dottenbr Thanks for reaching out! I can make a feature request for you. Just to clarify, is this for the mobile app editor or the main web app editor?