Auto update a value in one component based one user selection in another component

Hi there I want to use an eventhandler to auto update the value in component B named customer_region (A gets data from my customerDB eg cell customer_region), based on the selection in component A customer_name ( gets data my customerDB eg. celle customer_name. How is this done? I have a simple qurey that match customer_name and customer_ region.



Use a change Event handler for A that will then set the value for B using bFieldName.setValue('newValue')

Hey ScottR,

Can you provide an example?

In the inspect panel for the select component A, add an Event Handler that will run a query on Change

When that query is complete you should add an Event handler in Succcess for Control Component and set the value from the query you just ran.
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Hey ScottR,

I am not sure how the "set value" statement should look.

I am not sure how to use the xxxx.setValue('newValue') could you provide an example.



They value, that I want to set have to come from my query. eg. I have query that joins my customer tabel eg. customer_name with a tabel of possible municipalities eg. customer_municipality, I want to show the customer_municipality as the value in fieldB



Though I don't know what looks like

Here is an example :blush:

So, for customer municipality field you can simply add
{{}} as the source.

/ Thanks

This one:
Screenshot 2023-09-22 at 2.55.39 PM

For Value put in {{item.customer_municipality}}
For Label put in {{item.customer_municipality}}

Great :blush: and where to put {{}}?

Just use the query as the source and then add item as noted above