Auto select all for multiselect

Hi all,

I have a functioning multiselect button which derives unique data from certain table. I use that as a filter for other components and queries. Therefore, if that function is blank, other queries lead to errors or are blank as well.

I've attached screenshots of the multiselect component and one of the sql queries effected by it to simplify my explanation

Screen Shot 2022-10-24 at 12.03.06

Hey @GiladSha!

We have some documentation on how to select all by default here - does that help? It looks as though you'll want to set up and OR statement that first checks to see if nothing is selected and then checks the conditional, e.g.

( {{ Storeselect.value.length === 0 }} OR accountId in ( {{Storeselect.value}} ) )

Can you let us know if that works?

Thanks Kabirdas, that was a point in the right direction for us :slight_smile: