Authenticating Backend API Calls for User Logged In via Google SSO

We have setup google SSO & user is able to login to retool.

We want our backend APIs to be able to identify the logged-in user & fetch its user group.
How can that be achieved?
Can we utilize Google SSO token to authenticate & identify user & group info ?

I might be missing the point of your question, but have you tried checking out the current_user obj?

Hi Mendy,
yes current_user has the relevant details, but how do I authenticate the Api call coming from the retool?
Is it possible to send google oAuth token to the Api call, using which I can authenticate the Api call & Authorize the user role as well.

Hey folks! Just want to mention these docs here. If you've set up Google as an OpenID provider (docs) you should be able to use the %USER_OAUTH2_ACCESS_TOKEN% and %USER_OAUTH2_ID_TOKEN% variables in your resource setup. Let me know if that helps or raises any further questions!