Associate uploaded Image to sql entry

Hi guys,

File (image) upload in retool is super easy and works almost automatically.

What I dont understand is how to associate an uploaded image to a key of a sql table.

And if so, how to show a gallery with all the uploaded files(images) with that key?

Hi @TomJaud, I think your best bet would be to create and maintain an association between the SQL table keys and the id and/or url of each uploaded file in some external data source. The URL for each uploaded file will be https://<yourRetoolDomain>/api/file/<uniqueIdOfFile>. So with a table storing SQL table keys with associated file ids you could query for all file ids associated with a specific SQL table and create a list of the file urls to display in an Image Grid Component. Or if you store the file url with the SQL table keys, you could just fetch the file urls directly.

Ok, but my challenge is to get the automatically assigned Retool storage id as a return value. Do you have any information on how to get it?

Hey @TomJaud The uploaded file id is included in the response when you run an Upload file query to your Retool Storage resource.