App does not use latest module version

We seem to be having an issue getting the latest changes in our module.
It used to work fine a few weeks ago, but now all usages of the module are getting an older version of it.
Now we know that modules do not have version but ours somehow does.

Screen Shot 2022-03-10 at 10.56.52

We can’t select a working version in the preview. But we always get the fixed and old versions when going to the module via menu selection.
The only way we can see the latest version is by going into the edit page and clicking “preview” from there.
What are we doing wrong?

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Hey there :wave:

Do you want to have module versions? We are able to turn this on as a feature flag. Happy to help either turn this on for you to use or to keep it to where only the current working version is accessible.

We would like to have it as it was without versioning.
Will it solve the problem I described above? (the mixed situation we are having with on of our modules)

Hey @DimaG, if you turn on the feature flag it'll let you access the interface for changing module versions. From there you would be able to unpublish any releases you have which would set the modules to display the most recent version. You might want to do a check through all the modules you have to make sure they're all set up correctly with versioning in that case but it should give you more control.

I don't want to access the interface. I just want this module to not have versions and use the up to date version always (as it was previously)

That totally makes sense.

It may be helpful for you to write to us through intercom so that we can take a closer look at the module in question and see if the issue is reproducible which could help us address it. Otherwise, we can try and enable the flag for you, remove that release, then disable it again as a workaround.

Would either of those options work?

@Kabirdas Hi, I would love to turn on versioning for Modules. How do I do this? (I'm the admin for my account at

Hey @**ypeled, **I've gone ahead and turned on that flag for you org let me know if you run into any issues!

Thanks, much appreciated!

Hey @kiliangrashoff_sensorfact! It looks like the flag is enabled for, one of my teammates may have done this since your post, are you still unable to access versioning on your modules?