Any way to SET the graphql.query dynamically?

EG: Simple example, I have a text input where I write out my query manually and send it on-change to the graphql.query property and affect a trigger.
Sending the txt.value to graphql.query doesn't seem to affect it?

Hello Benjamin. Welcome to the community.

You can just reference textInput value in graphql query, when the value of textInput is changed, the query will be triggered automatically.

Omg. yes. it does work, but for some reason the query window not only doesn't deal with code highlighting or suggestions, but it actively insists {{ whatever.value }} is invalid and warns me of such. Saving the query however and running it seems to work.

Any idea why you get js syntax/hints and I don't?

are you in cloud or self-hosted? which version? It seem some bug with lint.

Cloud. Just demo account.

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Hey @Benjamin_Selinger! I'm able to reproduce the linting error and have submitted a bug report. Glad that this still works for you despite the ugly UI! I'll update this thread when I have any additional information to share. Thanks!

How would you pass variables to this type of query?