Any plans to add AWS Signature Version4 Signing Process for GraphQL resources?

I am using AppSync as my backend for GraphQL. Is the AWS Signature Version4 Signing Process, like you have for other resources, on the roadmap for GraphQL?

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Hey @chris-g and thanks for the request! This is an interesting one (I hadn’t heard of this service until today, to be honest) - I’ll share it with the team. We’re working on a bunch of GraphQL improvements over the next few weeks (we recently shipped Error Transformers) so keep an eye out!

Ok thanks for the update @justin

Any update on this? We'd love to have this feature.

Any updates on this? I see that REST API has AWS V4 option but not GraphQL.

Hello @daphne-producepay

We are still working on this, we hope to release it in the coming months