Annotation Component

We have a use case, where we would like the user to be able to annotate a pre-rendered HTML page (e.g., not be able to edit any text or have any rich text interface but simply markup a page with highlights, drawings, or scribbles - think taking notes on a web page).

That would basically amount to breaking out the Signature Component, so that a stroke can applied to a text block.

Our current solution would be to just create out own custom component to render the text and handle the stroke; but we were wondering if there was any good way to use the existing signature component or any primitives that it is built upon.

Hi @schopra :wave:

You know what now that sounds like a fun component to have in Retool :sweat_smile: Unfortunately we do not offer this out of the box but surely something worth looking at in the future to come. I would highly recommend using a custom-component for that :+1: