Am I missing something about spacer?

Am I missing something about spacer?

or it works magically without config?


What config are you expecting to see?
It's an empty block to help enforce a particular layout by adding whitespace to your app. The size is determined in the app canvas and you can choose to hide it if needed.

I was hoping this like the divider, configurable height, but no line across

Also I don't think this works in form body, at least it didn't change anything visually for me.

Would Retool Team perhaps do a feature request?

@rxunique agree with @dcartlidge 's explanation. Can you confirm what you're seeing, or what the specific feature request would be compared to current behavior?

You mentioned a form - are you using a Form component and adding a spacer within it? I was able to expand the height of the spacer component and it did create space between other components in an example form within a Retool app. And looking in Preview mode too, it does seem to work as expected to create space. Curious to hear what new functionality you're looking to see!

Edit: Ah, right, you're likely working on a Mobile app, right? Testing that out now.

Yes, it does work on mobile.

Only just reliased FORM container had gap0 as default

There's an internal tracker ticket for this - It's true that currently the spacer component doesn't add space when adding it to a mobile app :slightly_frowning_face: We'll keep this thread updated with any movement on updating this functionality for mobile.

I just ran into this same issue so I want to follow this thread :slight_smile:

I would love the divider style configurable height in the spacer component.