Akeneo API Pagination

Hey guys im working with the Akeneo API and i want to list all my products. The Akeneo Api just give only 100 products back and also another link with the next 100 items. I dont know how to realize it in retool. I also tried to use the server side pagination but it didnt work for me :frowning:

The offset method working only for 10000 products but i have more than 10000 products uploaded to akeneo. I want to use the search_after method but nothing is working.

Did someone work with this API and help out?

Here is the link of the API. The REST API basics

I dont even have one query to show. I have a blackout working since 10h+ on this googling or searching the community forum wasnt really helpful.

Hey @kikiluke1!

It looks as though your API uses cursor-based pagination. We have some docs on how to set that up from Retool here, can you let me know if that helps or raises any questions?

Thanks Kabirdas it was very helpful.

I have another problem now if i put on the next cursor field my reference and go to the next page the url has a encoded input but my akeneo cant do the request with the encoded it must be decoded how to i make this?

I imagine you might be able to use a transformer to handle some decoding but just for some context:

  • Is Akeneo returning an encoded next cursor or is the encoding happening elsewhere?
  • What kind of encoding are you referring to specifically?

If you could share screenshots of your query and table settings as they exist now that would be awesome too!