After selecting a plan: "Your trial has ended! To edit your page you will need to upgrade your plan."

I’m unable to downgrade to the free plan… I’ve tried from the billing page and receive “Plan changed successfully.”, but still see the “Your trial has ended! To edit your page you will need to upgrade your plan.” when attempting to edit an app. I only have one app and user for now…

I’m also unable to subscribe to the “Startup” plan – same issue. I get confirmation of the plan change, but I’m still unable to access or change my apps.

Hi davingreen - apologies for the inconvenience. Do you mind writing into Intercom by clicking on the circle icon with a question mark on the bottom right hand corner? It will be easier to debug and resolve this issue since we have all your account information when you do.


I see you’re having some chat support issues. Based on the screenshot you provided in the other thread, try clicking the “Downgrade” button under the free tier to downgrade.

Same result after seeing “Plan changed successfully.”

Hey @davingreen!

Ack, sorry about all this. I’d be happy to help get you moving here. Would you mind sharing your subdomain so I can step into your org and fix these plan issues?

Feel free to reply in this thread or directly to me here or at!

Actually, @davingreen, I poked around a bit and found your org!

You should be all set and error message free now.

Let me know if you run into anything other blockers. :smile: