Adding multiple rows into a database via a table


I would like find a way to insert multiple rows into PostgresSQL after pressing the Save Changes button in a table. I have figured out how to insert one row via the table below:

To grab and insert the values of this this table i have created a JSON query:

For example i would access the value like this -> {{[0][1].title}}

However to take this a step further, I would like to add multiple rows and when I press save changes they can bulk insert into the table in the data base.

Is there a way to iterate through this table and have an event handler run on each row?
Is there a way to save this information as a temp table and then insert into the database?

Not sure exactly what to do here and would appreciate some help ~ thanks!

Hi there,

Thanks for reaching out to us. We actually have a tutorial on bulk upserts here! I find using the GUI mode for updates and inserts to be easier than using a Javascript query or even a SQL query in SQL mode.

Would this work for your usecase?