Add to the table a new row

The table shown is linked from the firestore firebase database. I would like to add the option to add information in the table and have it saved in the database. For example: add another row under the categories listed in the table. I would love to be guided!

Use the Legacy table, it contains a field to turn on the add row button which appears as + sign in the footer:

when I try to press the "save changes" its not work...

You have to add Save Changes as an Event handler and have it call an update query

In my example I am using a BUlk upsert in the GUI mode for the query but you can also update one row using a query or using the GUI

Hey Scott,

Do you know if the new table component supports adding rows? Or is that only possible through the legacy table?


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I have posted a new feature request here [thread] New Table Feature Announcements - #24 by AnsonHwang

Hey! Wanted to pop in here and say we have added this feature to the new table component!

See post here: New: Add New Row Toolbar Button on Table.

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