Add Switch component in Retool Mobile

Currently there is a way to get a switch button (by using a collection view, see screenshot) on mobile but it's not intuitive and it's a bit hacky. If it's not a big deal, a dedicated switch would be nice.

A new switch component has been added on mobile @w2go!

Thank you!!

@Kabirdas , the switch component is not working on my iphone running ios 16.4.1 and my Zebra TC20 running Android 8.1.

On ios the switch is shown in a false state and when I toggle it, it automatically switches back to false. I'm unable to set it to true. In app preview it's working fine and also toggling the temporary state.

On Android, the switch is not shown at all.

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Thanks for reporting @mbruijnpff! I'll pass the info along and let you know here when there's a fix.

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