Add and visualize 2 different data series and Y-axes on the same chart

I have a chart in which I want to display 2 different data series:

  • No. of Orders / Week
  • Average Order Value (for that week)

I already have the queries for both data sources. The first returns the total no. of orders in every week from Sunday - Saturday, including the no. of orders and the total order value/revenue.

The second returns the average order value also for every week from Sun-Sat where AOV is calculated for a given week by total revenue for the week / total orders.

My problem

I've read the official Retool docs on adding a 2nd Y Axis as well as this forum post (, but I can't figure out how to do the following:

  • Where in the Plotly.js snippet do I add the second Y Axis for Average Order Value. and how do I format it so it has a different scale (i.e. a larger scale so it's not so short compared to the bar chart)?
  • How do I change the font color of data labels (currently, they default to a light grey, which doesn't work well when it overlaps with my bar colors).
  • I figured out how to add the second data series, but I can't figure out how to plot it against a second Y axis!
  • How do I add data labels to the second data series, i.e. in my case, the scatter plot?