Add ability to remove/change the default text for Text component


How can I remove/change the default text of :wave: Hello {{ current_user.firstName || 'friend' }}! from the Text component please?

I would like to drag and drop it and start typing my text straightaway, not have to clear the default text first.

Many thanks

Hi there @cpgf.

I get your point, I find it annoying as well. However, I remember finding it useful the first time I used it as it provides context of the things you can do with components.

I guess your request is somehow similar to this one with regards to Lodash being applied to source data. I find it annoying, but it opened me a window to Lodash being usable.

I guess an option in the account general settings not to put any default values to components (e.g. listviews come with a set of information each time).

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I have to agree with @MiguelOrtiz - I often am reminded of the specifics regarding what data the component is expecting by the defaults, so I don't mind the extra step most of the time. Probably it is most obvious and annoying with the text component since there really isn't anything else to be done when using it.

If you feel strongly about a feature that lets you turn off the default, I'd suggest you go ahead and post in the Feature Requests category for it (as I did for my request to have some way to interact with the way data types are defaulted when creating a table).


Acknowledged, thank you :+1:


Thanks for the discussion here everyone! Agree that this is likely helpful to everyone at some point, but can become redundant for others. I've moved this to the Feature Request category and submitted an internal ticket to allow the default input to be removed / modified. I'll update this topic when I have any new information to share regarding the status.