Interact with automatic assignment of field types for tables

Goal: Understand how field types are initially assigned in the application for tables, and also if there is anything that can be done to interact with this assignment (and if/when Lodash is applied to the source data).

Not the goal: Learn how to change types, etc. once a table is populated/created. That is all perfectly clear.

It's pretty simple to see how dates and datetimes are assigned to field types. Same with URLs. But how/when Retool chooses to assign a field as a "tag" type field isn't clear to me. I can guess that it has to do with a limited set of consistent values coming through for the field, but only a guess. Sometimes this is great, sometimes this is a pain, as I need to then go and cleanup the type and the Lodash formatting that gets applied (sub-question - can I turn this off/interact with when Lodash is applied too?).

If this is already available, awesome! Please point me to in. If this is not necessarily explicitly available but can be coerced, that would be fine in the short term, but having clear controls over how this feature works would be helpful.