Add a customer Value to Drop Down driven off Mapped values

I have a drop down that is mapped to select distinct on a certain column. I would like to be able to add a new value that isn't already present. Not seeing a way to do the with Mapped columns. Is this doable?

Can you share any more information? Code/screenshots?

Sorry that was a very vague post. Let me try and clarify

I have a select drop down that is populated from a SQL Server Database with a list of the unique values already in that field.

I am looking to type in a new value where is says Select Series. That would update the field with a new value.

Not sure what else to show. The field is very simple. Just the select to map the value. That works fine if I want to pick from the list. But I want the option to add a new value too.

Hope that helps. Just playing with ReTool at this point and have some odd blockers..


So you want a user to be able to add to the select dropdown? If so, I believe it needs to needs to be a multiselect component.

Hi ScottR. Sorry thought I replied. Yeah. Multiselect is not optimal. Only want a single value. I really just want to include something that isn't already in the list. Seems basic. I worked around it by having a toggle that swaps out the combobox for a text field. But is clumsy for a usage perspective.

You could append "Other" and then when that is selected show the text field for input and add the logic to read the text field when inserting updating with the added data when "Other" is chosen.

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@ScottR thanks. Really like that idea. Much cleaner than the toggle. Already have most of the logic. Thanks for your input and creativity.

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