Access to Rest API Users and Groups for Management of Embedded App

Hi All,

Our backend queries retool for an embed url and sends it to the client where we conditionally successfully render it.

Currently we store the config needed in our database (e.g. landingPageUuid, groupIds...) but we'd rather get it from Retool directly and match it with the user logged in to configure the embedUrl dynamically.

Request to the groups or users endpoints return 403/ 401, depending on whether we call api/v2/groups or api/groups.

We are on a business plan and I am just wondering why we wouldn't have access to retrieve this data while we can retrieve the embed url. Maybe I am missing something?

Many thanks,

Hi @10Jul,
​The reason you are getting a 403/401 is because API Authentication is only available on the Enterprise plan. You can book a demo to see if the additional features from this plan are what your organization needs. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks @Paulo, I figured as much. I feel you shouldn't limit this to Enterprise but that's a business decision so :slight_smile:

@10Jul you are welcome! Your feedback is appreciated.