Access all the transformers globally

Hello retool team!

I came across some limitation

I have a root transformer which merges the rest of transformers

So I have to pick up each transformer individually to merge and return them as an array which might be a nightmare when I have 200 transformers or so

I'm interested if it's possible to access an array of that transformers without merging them manually?

for example

const mergedTransformers = => transformer.value)
return mergedTransformers;

I'll appreciate your response, thanks in advance!

Hey @Vlad_Shum!

Would you mind explaining more about what you're looking to do by merging multiple transformers?

In Retool, transformers recalculate whenever one of their inputs recalculates, so combining transformers together like this may cause a lot of unnecessary calculations and end up slowing your app down. Curious to hear more about your use case here and what Retool pattern might work best for it.