A couple difficulties with dynamic JSON form

Hey all,
I have a JSON form that is generated off of a database table schema. I am running into a couple problems:

Occasionally the state of the form gets messed up and includes previous states on submit. For example it will include fields that are not part of the current form, but were part of the previous state of the form.

Can you support onSelect type events for dropdowns in a JSON built form?

Hey @ChrisAtHomemade!

We spoke about this briefly during office hours this week but I just want to acknowledge here that the issue with dynamic schema is a known bug in case anyone else stumbles along this thread. Will let you know here when there's a fix!

Another option for more customizability in your JSON Schema Form is to import it as a custom component, this lets you use the library as you otherwise would in React and you can still dynamically pass in different schema via the custom component's model, and pass data back to your app or trigger queries from the component as well.