50000 record limit solutions for future

We’re not there yet. But we like to start using retool for real in our business. We want to use it as an inventory tool. We have about 20k record of different variants of products. And we have logs and database records of those variants moving around. We want to keep track of that. So I can see ourselves heading towards that 50k limit of records in the future. What options are there to go beyond 50k records/1gb storage in the future? It’s a concern for us, because we are deciding if we can use retool cost efficiently for this.

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I sure Retool will offer larger plans once out of beta, drop them a note on that, it may be cheap to upgrade.

The other option is to host externally. I use Supabase for Postgres. $25/month for 8GB.

I also use Azure SQL, but unless the rest of the company infrastructure is already on Azure, I would stick with Supabase.

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Hi @BobandBill! Thanks for reaching out about this. Glad to hear you're looking to do more with Retool :sunglasses: and thanks for sharing these options, @bradlymathews!

For Retool Database limits, we're still working on a self-service process, since it's a fairly new offering. In the meantime, please reach out to us on this thread if you hit the limit & we can manually bump up the limit for your organization