500 Internal server error trying to get "resources" page

we're using selfhosted Retool in kubernetes (helm chart), I enabled the google auth in login and did a new chart deployment and after that we stopped seeing the "resources" page, the page is empty with the phrase "No resources were found." (but we have a lot of resources).
Digging on this I can see a 500 error in the javascript browser console with the "Internal Server Error" message.

I can create resources and I can see changes in the postgresql logs, but however I cannot see the resources in the page.

Side note: We are using 4.6.0 helm chart version

any clue on this?

Hi @ejimenez :wave: thanks for reaching out with this! First, just to potentially narrow the scope of our investigation, would you be able to confirm whether or not this change in behavior correlates to any changes made to the ENCRYPTION_KEY environment variable within your deployment? As noted in the documentation, any changes to this environment variable's value will result in the loss of access to all resources that were created before the change; maybe that's the culprit here?

the ENCRYPTION_KEY was not set in the input and for each pod restart the encryption key was been recreated.
Thank you.

Hey @ejimenez, Just to confirm, did Luke's answer resolve your issue here?

yes, thank you