14 day challenge - Sportmonks

Hi there!

So I've noticed there is some demand for Retool tutorials and I started seeing some people doing really cool stuff, so I've decided to give it a go myself!

This week I've been dedicating a couple of hrs a day to this app: https://my.upstring.io/p/football

I found this really cool API: SportMonks and I'm using the 14 day trial to leverage as many endpoints as possible (and in my head it has become a 14-day challenge)

I'm creating a series of video tutorials (see Youtube channel here) and on them I explain how I make use of:

  • Tables
    -- Filters
    -- Expandable Rows
    -- Trigger events
    -- Images
    -- Row colors and captions
  • List Views
  • Split Pane
  • Containers
  • Javascript tricks and functions
    -- Map
    -- Find
    -- toLocale

My free trial goes until the end of June so I will try to keep this rhythm and add more cool stuff. Feel free to suggest what things you would like to see!

I hope you like it!

PS. To my fellow senior retool coders: please accept my apologies in advance if my methods are not conventional or a bit clunky. My background is not developing and all my JavaScript knowledge has been acquired via ChatGPT and the many cool solutions found in this forum

PPS. How cool would it be to see other people making 14-day challenges with other API's free trials!


This is awesome!! Thanks so much for sharing :raised_hands:

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Turning a 14 day trial into a 14 day challenge? That's such a great idea! Looking forward to checking out these tutorials and following along! :raised_hands: :tada:

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Awesome work @MiguelOrtiz! Looking forward to sharing the app with my son (a football fanatic and Fenerbahçe fan) who will love being able to drill down into the players, and to checking out your YouTube channel to see more of your approach to Retool!