Zoom in pdf viewer


I am using the pdfviewer to show pdf's through base64, but due to the size of one PDF page, it is not always possible to actually read the pdf. It would be great if there was a zoom function in the top bar of the pdfviewer, so that difficult pdf's like this could still be read.

I have included a picture of the pdfviewer with the pdf that is causing the issue.

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Thanks @rikkesborup and @PatrickMast - I can see how zooming in would be really useful for many PDF files :slightly_smiling_face: I've logged this as a feature request internally, and while I don't have a timeframe to share yet, this is linked so that we can keep you updated here on any movement toward implementing this improvement! :mag:

Many thanks @kbn - we would love to have such a zooming feature for the PDFViewer component, too :slight_smile: