Z-fighting with table filter menu and containers

If you have a table component with the filters enabled, and a container directly below the table, there is some z-fighting between the table filter dialog and the container. When the pointer is within the table, the filter dialog is above the container as expected

However, when the pointer leaves the table or the filter dialog, the container further down the page gets computed a higher z-index and obscures the table filter dialog

This looks like it's because all of the container classes have a specified z-index of 0, and the table has an unspecified z-index, which has unspecified behavior. If I change the z-index to the container of the table 7 in that example, the menu stays on top of the container underneath. Any lower and it's obscured again. I don't know if 7 has to do with how the elements on that specific page are laid out.


Thanks for pointing this out! I just created a bug report and linked it to this thread so that I can notify you when it is all working :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Update! This bug was just fixed :tada: