XML Diff (Library?)


I've been trying to find a library I can load into Retool which will allow me to diff two xml strings.
PrettyDiff seems to be promising but I've not been able to get it to load:

Anyone done anything like this before or could give it a try and see if you can work out if it's possible?


Hi @dcsearle! We have some docs around setting up Custom JS Libraries in case you haven't checked this out yet! Feel free to share how you currently have this set up and any errors you may be receiving so we can have a better understanding of what you're working with. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Kenny,
Yeah, that's right, I've used a custom library and brought down the diffpatch libraries (a alternative to prettydiff). Using this I've been able to achieve a semi-workable solution. It's just been quite a bit of effort to do this so I've raised an enhancment request. I know Superblocks has a nice diff feature out of the box as a component and this provides a side-by-side view as well as outputting deltas which you can use elsewhere - would be great if Retool had similar.

may be

For online XML diff

Or may be https://www.mergely.com/