Wrap Text Inside Table Cell

Hey, is there any possible way to wrap this text after ";" sign instead of displaying it in one single line?

So in this case I want to be look like this:


Hey @yeftanma! You could use a mapped value in the email column to tweak the format with a bit of Javascript:

{{self.replace(/;/g, ";\n")}}

This uses the String replace() method which you can learn more about here: JavaScript String replace() Method

You would also need to change the data type to multiline text so more than 1 email address is shown in a table row. I hope this works for you!

Thanks, it is working fine now!

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Did you manage to get your data exports working per this post: Download as Excel (.xlsx) of all pages of server-side paginated table

Ah yes that also worked as well :slight_smile:

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