Working with consultants

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More of a (newb) security /process related question here, when we work with an external consultant on our apps, what is the best way to setup or provide access to the app?

Can I just add them as a user?
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Yes, but if there a developer (like me) they should have Edit access at the very least. Any specific scenario you are trying to cover?

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Hi Neil,

Yep exactly as Scott has mentioned.

You can also view how to grant permissions to specific apps and such by referring to this documentation here.

Let me know if you are looking for something else or have any additional questions!


Since it's a consultant, they might need slightly different access or permissions than other users you have with Edit access. I'd suggest creating a new User Group and name it Consultants or something, then after you invite them as a user click the '...' on the far right and select 'Edit and View Details'. From the detail window you can give them the Consultant permissions. This will give you more fine-grained control over what they can do, view, edit, ect.

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