Workgroup & Schema support for Athena integration

Hey there, the current Athena integration unfortunately does not allow for any custom config to be used when creating the resource. We have some use cases where the Workgroup and Schema need to be specified in order to access data through Athena.

I'm not sure what driver Retool uses to create the connection, but Tableau and Looker do the following for specifying those extra configurations:

Tableau: forum link
Looker: link to change

It seems both workarounds above specify the extra parameter that gets put into the driver somewhere. Maybe some kind of optional parameter field could do the trick in Retool?

Hey @will_root and anyone else who stumbles across this thread!

We're currently rolling out a feature flag to enable support for specifying workgroups in Athena :slightly_smiling_face: If you don't have access and are interested in trying it out feel free to reach out to us directly via in-app chat or at!