Workflow Stuck in Pending

Hi There!

I have a Retool app that links to a workflow on button click.

So far it's been working beautifully but for some reason, starting this morning - I am running into some bugs.

I click the button and the UI button gets stuck in a loading state.
The workflow also stays stuck in pending.

Eventually, it times out and the run says it failed

Though I see the workflow this starting workflow calls is executed so the data it is showing is inaccurate.

Can you take a look at this and see what might be going on?

Still experiencing this issue. I tried to revert to an earlier deployed workflow but that doesn't seem to solve it.

Hi @spiritualsystems, welcome to the forum! :wave:
Could you show the whole error message and the query it's pointing to ("storeRunFailed")?
"Error evaluating storeRunFailed: select count() as "count" from ..."*