Workflow - Runtime error: exited workflow with code 139

I've been trying to setup a simple workflow to migrate some data from our mongodb to a retool database, I have three steps.

  1. Clear the retool database
  2. Query our MongoDB
  3. Loop and Insert rows with values.

With very small datasets (1,000 rows) there is no issue, however once I attempt to do a dataset like 20,000 rows it instantly returns the error Runtime error: exited workflow with code 139. Here is the loop that's failing. The mongo query populates in a few seconds, but every time I attempt to use the loop action it

Is there more context for this error? Should I open a support ticket or is there something I'm missing? I understand Retool may not be the best resource to migrate data from noSQL to SQL, but I figured for a smaller dataset this wouldn't be too much.

Hopefully there's a workaround or something I'm missing, thanks!

Sharing Tess' answer here!

Still working on addressing this, thank you for all your patience.

Hi @victoria and @Tess, I hope you are doing well.

I am having the same.
I have set up a loop to batch the queries, and return a single array of all values... still having the same issue.

Are their any updates since this post?