Workflow runs into error but then when I manually test it, it's fine

I am using a REST API in a workflow to upload records into SalesLoft. This has been working for a while but now I'm frequently getting an error (see screenshot) that I don't understand.

The weird part is that if the workflow runs on its own it goes into error, but then when I manually run it (i.e., using the startTrigger data as sample then manually run every codeblock), it's fine. It is also very inconsistent. I have multiple SalesLoft REST API blocks in this workflow and it happens on any one of them.

I'm confused if this is a SalesLoft error or a Retool error, and if I can prevent it. Anyone experiencing this or have some sort of insight? Anything would be helpful. Thank you.

As a starting point, I would suggest looking at the data that is being given to the startTrigger in an erroneous run. When you run it manually, I assume the data is correctly formatted but there might be some edge case with the incoming data that isn't being handled properly?